4901 Pecan Hill Road
McKinney, TX 75070

email: williamsterchak@yahoo.com
Website: sterchak.com

Bill Sterchak, Wood-carver & Painter

First obviously I get an idea or inspiration for a project but the biggest thrill for me is the development of the project and seeing it thru to completion. The dynamics & changes to the concept or design, from experimenting with a process improvement(s), trying a new technique or a different material that is brand new and works is truly exciting.

Nearly every one of my completed projects turns out better than I anticipate or expect so I keep turning them out. Often I find myself slightly amazed that ‘I did that’ with a final last look at completion. Many or most of my projects have been Christmas gifts to Family & the closest of friends or used to decorate my home. I determine my price points by the level of effort including the time involved as well as the cost of replacing the vacated space in my home.

Green Wing Teal
Realistic decorative duck decoy. Hand carved wood, acrylic paint

Peppermint angelfish (Centropyge boylei)
Carved very rare tropical fish in white coral habitat.

Seascape from the window of a tall ship.
Three (3) acrylic paintings framed in weathered wood to resemble a window looking out at the ocean.

Rustic decorative sign designed for clients lake house.

Shore diorama.
Acrylic painting background with shorebirds carved & painted bracketed by dried local grasses.

Death of a salesman in time & space
Acrylic painting on masonite.

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