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Etsy website:

Cate Robbins, 2D Visual Artist/Teacher

I am continuing to explore the world of visual art with a curious mind and determination to match. Sometimes I have to wait for my physical body to catch up. There is so much work to do, so much inspiration that I have to keep going and going and going. There is no goal to reach because I am always researching, learning, adapting and incorporating new discoveries through new products or techniques. The quest drives me on.

Each bit of inspiration will lend itself to a particular medium and/or style. I will envision something and categorize it as best interpreted in watercolor or oil, etc.

After Van Noort

Little Feet 4

Head of Farm Security
Torn Paper Collage

Mother’s Hands

Kid Stuff 1965

It’s Summer Vacation…
(Children’s Book Illustrations)
Watercolor and Pen

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