Heard-Craig Carriage House
205 West Hunt Street
McKinney, TX 75069
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email: gail.mclaughlin@gmail.com

Gail McLaughlin, Painter

My art takes me into a saner, more relaxing world, where my subconscious is in control. The medium is secondary to the action of creating and the love of learning. An initial idea often morphs into something related but more meaningful than the original. It is like my subconscious reshapes the idea into a form that I don’t fully recognize until after the piece is finished, as though there were a direct connection between my subconscious and my hands. As a child my family moved to different places every few years. Friends were fleeting and animals became a constant in my life. I developed a love for the variety in nature and what constitutes beauty as we settled in city and country, north and south, and exotic places like Libya and Hawaii. Nature and animals continually draw me and beg to be captured in some artistic form.

Gail McLaughlin loves art and learning, and enjoys creating in many media: oils, acrylics, watercolor, pottery, sculpture, and fiber arts.

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