2816 Hidden Forest Dr.
McKinney, TX 75070
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Email: jphipps22@hotmail.com
Website: jimphippsfineart.com

Jim Phipps, Painter

Jim lives in McKinney, Texas and has art studios in both McKinney and Fredericksburg, Texas. He was born in 1936 in Waco, Texas. As a youth he loved drawing and painting, but his love for sports became a priority and he had a successful career in football at Waco High School and TCU in Fort Worth. It was not until 1987 on a trip to Santa Fe, NM that painting became a most important part of his life. That is when he met artist Dale Amburn and several other well-known artists who painted there and in the Taos area. “I fell in love with painting and creating images of beauty with oil paints on a canvas.”

Jim has been creating art for galleries and private collectors since that time and is an active member of Oil Painters of America. He is an impressionistic painter using impasto technique with strong brush strokes and rich harmonious color to capture the textures and quality of light in his paintings. “If I paint something it is because I want to go there.” He paints in his studios but still works from studies done on location. “It’s challenging when you’re dealing with the real world of nature and it’s colors, moods, and drama.”
(All of my work is copyrighted and has a logged number on the on the back of each piece.)

“Painting is like a journey… always discovering something new and exciting. I want to always push myself as far as I can go as a professional artist.”

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