110 East Louisiana St.
Suite 202 F.
McKinney, TX 75069
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email: kim@kimguthrieart.com
Website: www.kimguthrieart.com

Kim Guthrie, Multi Media

As a multi-media artist I like to portray a “tongue in cheek” approach to humor with the characters I create.I was classically trained attending the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, and secondary schooling at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Institute of Art, Lacoste, France. While I was previously known for my intricate Fresco Style murals, I currently focus my creativity on whimsically themed oil paintings and portraiture and 3 dimensional works using Paper Mache. My goal is to make you “laugh out loud” or at the very least-smile.

“Versatility applying to genre and style is my nature, creating intuitively when inspiration strikes. I strive for less “hoity toidy” in art and more fun! I’m thinking that’s how life should be as well.”

“Spring Chicken”
Paper Mache

Oil Portraiture

“Along for the Ride”
Paper Mache/Vintage Toys

Guthrie-K-5 Multi Media Pieces
including prints

“Take a Leap Frog”
Paper Mache

Oil Painting /Vintage Frame

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