208 Wilson Creek Pkwy
McKinney, TX 75069

email: lars.renesans@gmail.com
Website: www.renesanswoodcrafts.etsy.com

Lars Ray, Woodwright

In Polish traditions, there is a belief that one who owns something handmade and intriguing from nature also owns a treasure. It is the belief behind the art of the Polish wood carvers of the Tatra Region, and it is in this spirit and tradition that Renesans Woodcrafts produces its art.

Renesans is the Polish spelling for renaissance, which of course is used today to mean rebirth or revival. Along with our ancient spiral logo and trademark, we are conveying a message of revival of natural things commonly overlooked or discarded.

Operating as a Polish wood forge, Renesans Woodcrafts specializes in making treenware from wood that is otherwise discarded. Treen, literally “of a tree”, is a generic name for handmade functional household objects made of wood that is neither furniture or cabinetry.

Set of four coasters made from local black walnut and glass.

Western cedar headphone stand made from discarded fence materials; painted oak base; polished, treated with oil only.

Small 11″ square oak tea serving tray.

Polish wooden utensil set. Made from European beech wood and hickory.

Serving tray made from Oklahoma maple and glass.

Bois d’arc wood (Osage Orange) candle votive, turned on lathe

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