Soho McKinney
115 E. Virginia St. Suite B
McKinney, TX 75069


Marianne Lewis, Handmade Millinery

My inspiration comes from design movements of La Belle Epoch, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and mid-century modern. Millinery gives me the opportunity to indulge my love for vintage jewelry and fascination with textiles.

I find millinery is a fascinating craft in that it combines new and ancient in every creation. While every design is a modern fashion element, some of the techniques and materials are hundreds of years old and virtually unchanged. The structural nature of taking a 2Dimensional material- flat fabric, straw or felt- and creating a 3Dimensional item is a unique challenge for every piece. Different tools and materials ensure that every millinery item, even if patterned exactly, is a new experience.

Every part of millinery is tactile, there is not a hatmaking step in which I do not touch the design.

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