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Marissa Shipp, Potter

From the first class I took, clay felt familiar and perfect and endless and mine. There are so many things to do and say with it. When I am in the middle of a piece, I lose track of everything; time, the world, until it becomes just the three of us: me, the clay and the art.

My pottery is influenced by literature ranging from Louis L’amour westerns to pulp science fiction, paintings from Dali and Van Gogh, the photography of Ansel Adams, and the music of Tchaikovsky, sea shantys, and Nerdcore rap. Mix in toll painting from my grandmother. Overlay all of that with natural textures, the shapes of leaves, the patterns of cracked dry earth, the rough and smooth of water. Throw in an odd sense of humor and an appreciation of contrasts and you have my art and my pottery and me.

My objects are meant to be picked up, handled, investigated, explored to find the contrasts in color and texture and meaning.

My pottery is influenced by natural textures, an odd range of music, surrealist painting, photography and a quirky sense of humor. The pieces, functional and decorative, are meant to be picked up, touched and explored for contrasts and textures.

From the Deep, Rising, Rising
16″ by 10″ by 3″

Ocean Sunrise
Vase – Stoneware/raku glaze
5″ x 3″ diameter

Heart of Bark
Bowl – Stoneware clay/glaze

Spiral Pumpkin
Decorative object – Stoneware clay/glaze

Man vs. Bird(back)
The Warrior and The Phoenix (front)
Vase/Chicken Roaster – Stoneware clay/glaze
4″x 3.5″ diameter

Vase – Stoneware clay/glaze
9″x4″ diameter

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