Heard-Craig Carriage House
205 West Hunt Street
McKinney, TX 75069

email: nealator@hotmail.com

Neal Ator, Wood Carver

I have always had a love of wood and making things with it, so woodcarving became a natural pursuit for me. I started off with simple low relief pictures and then moved on to three dimensional figures. In addition, I’ve tried chip carving, intaglio and bark carving. Each of these styles and techniques have their own challenges and rewards. As with most artists, I have more ideas, patterns and wood (moved multiple times) than I could ever hope to complete.

Many of my carvings are left natural to reveal the beauty of the grain, but for the caricatures I’ve been doing, I had to learn to paint. Fortunately I had the opportunity to study under Fern Henry, a local artist for many years. I’ve tried other art forms, but I just prefer the feel of wood. Woodcarving provides an endless choice of subjects and materials to use. Carvers typically use basswood, butternut, tupelo, cottonwood bark and found wood.

Santa with Candle
Large Santa in basswood with acrylic paint

Santa with birdhouse
Santa in white – basswood & acrylic

American Eagle
Eagle in basswood 21″ wide, acrylic

Eagle Head
Carved in cottonwood bark with natural finish

Chip Carved Cross
with flowers, natural finish

Cigar Store Indian
basswood with light acrylics

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