1305 White Circle
Renee Wrenwood Studio
McKinney, Tx 75069

Email: wrenwood-art@sbcglobal.net
Website: reneewrenwood.com

Renee Wrenwood, Painter

I love the natural world, be it flowers, the human form, or landscapes. As an artist, I feel that it is my calling to express the beauty, the wonderment, and sometimes, the unloveliness, of nature.

I am attracted to watercolor paintings because of their luminosity and transparency. I choose to work in watercolor because I love the way the paint flows, and because watercolor allows me to explore and play; to challenge myself as an artist. To let the paint and water move on the paper, creating themselves even as I create, is an act of faith, of letting go. Faith in my ability to respond to the natural beauty around me, a letting go of the results, almost a metaphor for all of the letting go I’ve learned to do in life.

To me, the unexpected, the surprises that the medium presents, the puzzle of how to create my vision, are part of the thrill of watercolor painting. Though I sometimes work in other media, I am always excited to return to the inspiration, the challenge, and the beauty of watercolor.

I find pure joy in creating. Art is my offering to the world and my salvation from it. When I am immersed in art, I am one with the universe, and life is good.

Apple Blossoms

Cloud Cover over Pikes Peak

Hemerocallis Lumina

Hamilton Pool

Dainty Bess
Watercolor on Yupo

Watercolor on Yupo

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