405 N. Sherman St
McKinney, Texas 75069


Wayne Batchelder, Potter

The focus of my pottery is functional, it is created to be used. Some of the work is creative in blending found wood objects from nature, and creating pottery that will display the beauty of the wood and the form. Most of the glazes I use are created in my studio from raw ceramic elements. Glazes that react when encountering variety in vertical and horizontal elements are of particular attraction.

My pottery is influenced by a deep spiritual passion to create and experience the wonders of the natural world. Creating with clay and the vast variety of earths minerals that make up the glazes and clay bodies provide me with calm – zen moments of relaxing into the processes, and feeling a part of each element. The tools used to make pottery become a part of who I am, natural extensions of the body, merged with the creative mind.

8″ stoneware pitcher, wood handle
varigated slate blue glaze

8″ stoneware pitcher & teacups, wood handle,
pale yellow celodon glaze over
underglaze images of wildflower

6″ stoneware vase
with hanging wood element
varigated slate blue glaze

6″ stoneware cup
with wood handle
varigated slate blue glaze

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