McKinney Art House
502 N. Kentucky St.
McKinney, TX 75069


Brittney Hammond, Potter

I am drawn to clay because it is such a physical art. You are one with the clay and it reacts to your movements. Throwing clay is like a meditation for me. Getting the clay centered and making a form from a ball of mudd is so rewarding. I like to push the limits of clay and if you go past its breaking point you have learned for next time how far you can push it. There are always challenges but if there weren’t challenges it wouldn’t be so fun. My forms are inspired by the human form and each piece has it’s own unique personality.

I make pottery with a focus on functional and aethetic beauty. However that asthetic does not reach for perfection it reaches for the imperfections. I want people to know it is hand made, has finger prints and other marks allowing the viewer to know that there was someone involved in making this and It was not made by a machine.

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