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Carol Kovacs, Fiber Arts

Fiber art is such a tactile experience that I’ve been exploring many ways of using unspun wool and silk because it feels good to touch the materials. Needle felting soft animals is fun, but moving on to pictorial projects is a new field not widely known yet in the art world. I love to work out new designs in wall hangings that combine weaving with some of the many outstanding yarns now available.

I also do needle felting designs on other accessories to wear like fingerless gloves, cuffs, handbags, and scarves. The possibilities for this medium are wide open to my imagination.

Rare White Buffalo
Needle felted wool roving in white and colored dyed wool. This buffalo is a long awaited symbol for native American tribes of the coming era of peace to mankind.

Hummingbirds (2)
The birds are needle felted of dyed wool roving and can be used as “art to wear” pinned on a jacket or simply perched in a flower arrangement.

Hot date night
Purse and scarf. Wool knit trimmed with fancy fur, cording, and a lion’s head pin.

Feline Fancy
Wool clutch handbag featuring a needle felted applique made with dyed unspun wool roving that was then felted onto the back of the purse. It is a 3 dimensional original design of mine showing a kitten on a rug with a few yarn ball toys!

Midnight in the Garden
This is a wall hanging with a floral center piece. The monochromatic creation is made of a variety of yarns and unspun wool roving. It was
hand woven on a loom that I built.

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