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Cate Robbins, Painter

Artist Cate Robbins describes herself as an art explorer, experimenter, and adventurist. Cate works in several different mediums and styles. She also teaches local small group classes in drawing and painting and provides creative consulting services.

“I am continuing to explore the world of visual art with a curious mind and determination to match. There is no goal to reach because I am always researching, learning, adapting and incorporating new discoveries through new products or techniques. I work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, collage and combinations. My work ranges from abstract to figurative, metaphorical to literal, traditional media to handcrafted and found objects. My work is varied but there is a common thread that runs throughout it all. It is my desire that my work be uplifting, encouraging and inspiring.”

Van Noort’s Boy with a Hawk and a Leash by Cate Robbins
My version of Van Noort’s painting c1660

Ecce Signum (Behold the Sign)
Acrylic and Oil
Diptych on Panel

Ikea Girl
Image from the Ikea catalog was too delightful not to be used.

Torn paper collage
A friend’s Welsh Corgi

Island Vacation

Alex & Pup

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