The Martin Place
1799 N. Graves
McKinney, TX 75069


Elaine Herold, Painter

Contemporary/abstract interpretation of nature using acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, and mixed media. The work is colorful and happy to reflect the feelings of observing and participating in the outdoors.

“I came to painting late in life after spending 35 years as a teacher of special needs students. Maintaining a cheerful outlook helped my students’ gain academic success, and that same optimism is reflected in my choice of subjects and especially bright colors. It has been a true joy to find that art has become such a primary focus.”

I See the Future and It’s Beautiful
Acrylic & Wood on Canvas

The Colors of Autumn
Watercolor on Paper

Unpeeled Bark
Acrylic on Canvas

My Morning Walk
Watercolor on Paper

Mola He/She
Acrylic on Canvas

Joyful Jumping
Acrylic on Canvas

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