Three Dog Studio
401 N. Church St
Mckinney, TX 75069


J.B. Phipps, Woodturner

I have always felt a strong connection to wooden objects. Wood is both practical and beautiful. It spans the gap between our manufactured modern existence and the natural world from which we come and on which we depend. My goal is to create forms with simple, understated yet elegant lines and minimal finishes, which present the essence of the material without overpowering it.

I work in green (uncured) wood, which is selected and harvested from downed trees I come across locally. These trees are typically disregarded as common or undesirable and would otherwise be disposed of. I find great satisfaction in revealing a tree’s hidden beauty and giving it new life.

My work ranges from functional salad bowls to very thin-walled hollow vessels but the wood itself is always the focus. I want my pieces to serve as a conveyance to the appreciation of something natural, something real, something deeper.

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