405 N. Sherman
McKinney, TX 75069


Jennifer Burke, Potter

Many happy hours of my childhood were spent sitting at the table enjoying delicious meals with a loving, close-knit, extended family. These wonderful memories and my love of delicious, home cooked food informs my passion for designing and creating functional pottery.

I work primarily in stoneware, which makes very durable pottery that can stand up to everyday life. My forms are based on how the pot will be used; focusing on comfort and ease of use. Baking dishes have handles to make them easy to hold while wearing oven mitts. Mugs have flat bottoms so they don’t collect water in the dishwasher. The bottom of my pots are sanded smooth to protect countertops.

The food safe glazes I use are inspired by my childhood home on Long Island, NY and my love of the outdoors; cool green, warm sand, vibrant turquoise. The textured patterns I often add to my pots are inspired by my love for historic textile patterns from around the world.

My pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed – to make every day beautiful.

Hand built Bowl

thrown and altered

Oil Bottle
thrown and hand built

Serving Bowl

Serving Dish
hand built

Spoon Vase

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