Heard-Craig Carriage House
205 W. Hunt St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Email: Kristi@KristiSmithson.com
Website: kristismithson.com

Kristi Smithson, Painter

Kristi’s Fine ART is made in multiple mediums including oil pastels, acrylic, and most recently resin and oil paintings. Her creations of limited edition yoga mats, as well as, custom fabric designs including ART scarves, pillows, designer leggings and a handbag collaboration are all part of her extensive portfolio.

“My artwork is dimensional, with pattern, repetition, and symmetry. I am inspired by nature and the world around us. I love making art that is reminiscent of abstract landscapes when viewed from above at exponential scales and compositions of dreamlike ethereal spaces.

Then at the other end of perspective at human scale, I have a collection of wearable ART that is printed from my paintings and designs.

In addition, I have turned ordinary functional household objects like side tables and trays into beautiful accent pieces by giving them new resin art surfaces.”

Blue Space Tryptic
Commission – each 46″x63.5″. Resin and oil on wood canvas.

Tesoro Table
14″diameter x 24″. Resin on glass with metal base.

La Riva
16″x20″. Resin on glass.

48″x48″. Resin on wood canvas.

24″x24″. Resin on wood canvas.

Bespoke Handbag Commission
Scarlet Paintbrush Brand Collaboration by Kristi Smithson and Marianne Lewis.

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