McKinney Art House
502 N. Kentucky St.
McKinney, TX 75069


Leila Sun, Potter

I feel that I get inspired by the little things in my everyday life such as a cup of coffee or playing the violin. Small details to me are just nature’s way of spicing things up a bit and tapping into our creative sides. I love pottery ever since I started doing it when I was 11 and I have never wanted to stop since. Pottery unlocks the doors to endless possibilities in a third degree medium. Throwing on the wheel is a crazy experience, there is nothing quite like it. You can envision something a certain way but have the end result be something different. Sculpting is also an amazing thing to do because it lets your two dimensional drawings and ideas become tangible and come to life in a totally different way.

I do both sculpting and throwing. I sculpt decorative tiles, masks and sculptures of animals. I also enjoy throwing everything; from little teacups to tall vases as well as many bowls and different sets of three. I am also very interested in different types of firing such as raku and horsehair firing. My work is unique and colorful and I strive to be as creative as I can be.

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