1101 Tucker St.
McKinney, TX 75069
(Studio is in the 2-story garage behind the house at 1101 Tucker)

Email: degrowkingsley@gmail.com
Website: ldkingsley.com

Lynda Kingsley, Water Media Artist

All of my works are watercolors on paper. Often they are used with mixed media in new and unusual ways, including 3-D works.

I am constantly seeking the outdoors, examining the miniscule acorn and the aged oak that produced it, the buds on a Magnolia tree and the seed pods it drops to the ground. Similarly, I seek out the beauty of a rusted door knob or a rusted vintage pick-up truck. Rust paints its own watercolor wash. It tells tales and changes the hue and surface of man made constructions.

I love the effect of decaying rust against the freshness and beauty of nature. The diversity of form, pattern and color are all around us in nature and repeated in our own lives. Artists have long explored the world around them, the beauty and the decay, the hospitality and the hostility of nature. My intent as an artist is to marry organic life with corrosion and dilapidation in such a way that accentuates the beauty of each, blurring the lines between beauty and decay, life and death and the organic and the man made.

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