photo courtesy of Guy R. Giersch

1709 W. Josephine
McKinney, TX 75069


Pernie Fallon, Painter

Pernie Fallon is a contemporary landscape painter known for her vivid and intense color work from various locations across Texas and the desert Southwest. But on closer examination, there are qualities that are not so apparently obvious. Fallon’s paintings transcend the beauty of place with unexpected emotion, movement, and life.

“I love the fresh spontaneity of working with pastels to capture my immediate impressions of my subjects. My oil paintings allow me an expressive exploration through rich colors and textures.

I am compelled to paint outdoors where I am exposed to all sorts of conditions — the fierceness or the flatness of the land, the impulsiveness of the fleeting light, the moodiness of the clouds, the sometimes whispering and sometimes howling wind, the ever-changing and never-quite-right temperatures, and even the critters, some creepy and others, cute. All of the forces of Nature bring inspiration to me and a sense of life into my paintings.

I thrive on the challenges and satisfactions of finding extraordinary beauty in the ordinary and expressing it through my paintings. My hallmark has always been an emphasis on spontaneity, expression and intuitive creativity. I respond to what I see with a sense of wonder that keeps my work inspired, timeless and always fresh.”

Flash of Green

Summer Squall

Santa Elena Canyon

Taos Gorge

Hay Bales

Red Sky at Morning

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