521 N. Kentucky St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Email: vgbatch@gmail.com

Valerie Batchelder, Painter

Watercolor in free flowing loose style – paintings include exotic ladies, children, animals, flowers, and buildings. All sizes as well as cards for mailing.

“The power of play draws me to paint. True play has no goals, no judgment but your own, and no one telling you how to play. I let the paint and water do as much of the work as possible without being too controlling.

I chose watercolor for its simplicity and magical flow. As in true play I have limited goals and always strive to not block progress. I love not being totally in control. As a retired play therapist I continually witnessed children leaving the playroom feeling freer, more confident, and amazed at their own abilities.

When I leave my studio daily, I feel free, younger, humbled, and extremely grateful.”

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