405 N. Sherman
McKinney, TX 75069


Wayne Batchelder, Potter

Pottery is a retirement “career” that began 3 years ago when I retired from teaching at the college level. I use stoneware clays and occasionally porcelain and mix my glazes from raw materials. My focus is making functional pottery – pots that will be used daily. But I also make pottery with wood components from unique branches. Some are functional, but some are simply to enjoy the beauty of the form and the unique wood that it displays. Most of the pottery is fired in mid-range oxidation environments. But I have also started working with high fire kilns and reduction environments. The primary difference is that the reduction environment utilizes reactionary glazes that are more uncontrollable – which makes them more interesting.

Pottery is a relaxing process for me, and I most enjoy taking a unique piece of wood and sketching the best style of pottery to display it. I work at SPARC studio with six other potters.

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