Bill Sterchak
Wood Sculpture

Unique, one‑of‑a‑kind handmade items crafted from wood. Painted carvings, presented individually or collectively grouped and assembled into sculptural pieces are popular.

Duck decoys, shorebirds and tropical fish are my favorites as they sell best but I also like to do commission paintings, signs and I play with making primitive jewelry out of natural materials. Sometimes I will make signs out of reclaimed wood which is a blast. It is a two‑step process where the customer must approve a sketch prior to starting work.

Most of my work is inspired by nature, but I do a have a couple of series I have been working on inspired by the light, reflections and stained glass windows at Saint Michael the Archangel church in McKinney.


4901 Pecan Hill Road
Mckinney, Texas 75072


Bill Sterchak | Wood Sculpture | Nature Inspired | McKinney Texas Artist
Paradise South: decorative sign

Paradise South: decorative sign

Mahogany, American walnut and reclaimed wood. Approximately 12 x 34 inches. Great story here. The large chunk of mahogany was a rare find and gifted. Such a treat to work with. Finding the flamingo in a suitable posture to relief carve took some time then had to be sized to fit aesthetically into the composition. It sits over a bar in a home of a private collector in Houston.

Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) Basswood

Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) Basswood.

(Pomacanthus imperator) Basswood. Fish is life‑size about 19 cm painted with acrylics. A very challenging painting project.

Ceramic plate

Ceramic plate

I painted this platter made by Steve Macias for the 2019 Empty Bowls project. A request was sent out seeking artists to paint some the the bowls to be auctioned off for the cause defeating hunger. Good cause, a lot of fun and met some new people. I was pleased with the outcome and other people politely liked it. We agreed it was different.

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