Gail Delger
Acrylic Paintings

Creating my art takes me to another place. I’m in the zone where time flies and I don’t hear the surrounding noises. The music is on, but I don’t remember any of the songs that played.

I work on several paintings at one time. So while one is drying, I can start on another one. I get ideas at different times and from different things, but 5 am is when I have gotten some of my best ideas. Sometimes a light bulb goes off in my head with an idea.

I enjoy painting with acrylics and adding mixed media. I like to put whimsical things in my paintings, because I like to see people smile when they view my artwork. I love to create things that people haven’t seen before.

I remember getting drawing and paintings sets instead of toys from my Great Aunt and Uncle when I was younger. Growing up I always had arts and craft supplies around the house. I think watching cartoons and sitcoms when I was younger (don’t tell anyone, but I still watch cartoons) has kept me painting quirky and funny art.


Artblock Studios – Cotton Mill
610 Elm St
Suite 1000
Mckinney, Texas 75069

FACEBOOK: gaildelgerartist
INSTAGRAM: birddo_artist

Gail Delger McKinney Texas Acrylic Painting Artist
"The Fish Whisperer," Acrylic, 20" x 30"

“The Fish Whisperer,” Acrylic, 20″ x 30″

"Cat w/Fish" Mixed media 9" x 6"

“Cat w/Fish” Mixed media 9″ x 6″

"I Can See Your House From Here" Acrylic Collage 10" x 8"

“I Can See Your House From Here” Acrylic Collage 10″ x 8″

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