Wayne Batchelder
Functional Pottery

I create functional pottery to be used on the table, pottery adorned with wood elements, and pottery that explores the beauty of imperfection.

Artist Statement

My pottery is influenced by a spiritual passion to create and experience myself in creative techniques with clay. Creating with clay and the vast variety of earths minerals that make up the glazes and clay bodies provide me with calm – zen moments of relaxing into the processes, and feeling a part of each element.

I find a unique focus when I am throwing on the wheel, leaving all other thoughts and distractions aside. At times I also practice kurinuki ‑ a method of taking a solid piece of clay and digging out the clay to shape a cup, box, bowl, or some useful pot. The feel of the clay in my hands and the use of handmade tools for shaping the clay provide an ultimate, peaceful experience. The finished pot is not as valuable to me as the process of making it.

Some of my pottery includes the addition of wood in the form of branches and sometimes roots of trees. The sticks that we often toss in the trash can become a special part of a piece of pottery. I remove the bark with a simple drawknife, and design pottery and attachments that will integrate the pottery and the wood. I want users of the pottery to see the beauty of the wood, the grain and color protected by a food safe oil.


405 N. Sherman St.
Mckinney, Texas 75069

EMAIL: cwbatch@gmail.comm
WEBSITE: waynebatchelder.com
FACEBOOK: Wayne Batchelder
INSTAGRAM: @cwbatch

Photograph by Sarah Hefner Photography

Eagle with flag, Basswood & acrylic, 8" x 25"

Wood Handle Serving Bowls, Stoneware, 6″ x 6″

Eagle with flag, Basswood & acrylic, 8" x 25"

Wood Handle Pitcher, Stoneware, 4.5″ X 13″

Wood Handle Mugs, Stoneware, 3" x 4"

Wood Handle Mugs, Stoneware, 3″ x 4″

Serving Bowls/w wood handle, Stoneware, 6" x 3"

Wood Handle Pitcher – 4″ x 6″

Flasks, Stoneware, 4" x 5"

Flasks, Stoneware, 4″ x 5″

White Crackle Teapot, Stoneware, 3" x 6"

White Crackle Teapot, Stoneware, 3″ x 6″

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