Jennifer Burke

Many happy hours of my childhood were spent sitting at the table enjoying delicious meals with a loving, close-knit, extended family.  These wonderful memories and my love of delicious, home-cooked food inform my passion for designing and creating functional pottery. 

My glaze palette is inspired by my love of the outdoors; cool greens and blues, warm sand, and vibrant turquoise. The textured patterns I often add to my pots come from my love for historic textile patterns from around the world. 

My pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed; to make every day beautiful.


Three Dog Studio
401 North Church Street
Mckinney, Texas 75069

FACEBOOK: jenniferburkepottery
INSTAGRAM: jenniferburkepottery

Jennifer Burke
Turquoise Lantern

Turquoise Lantern, stoneware, 10″x6″, thrown and altered

Deep Ocean Platter

Deep Ocean Platter, stoneware, 18″x12″, slab built

White Spoon Jar

White Spoon Jar, Stoneware, 10″x5″, thrown and altered

Blue Green Mug

Blue Green Mug, Stoneware, 5″x4″, thrown on Potter’s Wheel

White Tea Light Holder

White Tea Light Holder, Stoneware, 3″x4.25″, thrown and altered

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