Kelly Gottuso


I simply love to create and paint! I tend to go with bold beautiful colors. I don’t typically have a certain style, I’m constantly pushing myself to try different techniques to expand my portfolio. I love looking at other artist’s work to enlighten my mind on new projects, it inspires me! My inspiration is to stay opening the doors to my Art studio and giving people visual inspiration to create their own art and observe my new creations. I’d love to help other artists as well display their work through art shows and galas at my business. 


312 Cloyd Street 
Unit 2435
McKinney, Texas 75069


PHONE: 954-789-7617


Painting Gottuso
Painting Gottuso 1
Painting Gottuso 2
Painting Gottuso 3
Painting Gottuso 4

McKinney Art Studio Tour 2020

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