Laura Miller

Laura Miller grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Utah spending her formative years in art classes and as a student of art history. She’s built a career filled with various artistic endeavors including illustration and graphic design but is primarily an oil painter. As a mother of four young children, carving out time to paint allows her to slow down and be fully present in an otherwise chaotic stage of life. Her impressionistic work seeks to capture the mood and significance of everyday objects, places, and moments through the use of rich textures, dynamic strokes, and whimsical colors.


2013 Flemming Drive
Mckinney, Texas 75072


PHONE: 801-209-3087


Laura Miller
'Figs and Such", Oil 11x14

‘Figs and Such”, Oil 11×14

"Lemon Harvest", Oil, 8x10

“Lemon Harvest”, Oil, 8×10

"Retreating Storm", Oil, 5x7

“Retreating Storm”, Oil, 5×7

"Monticello", Oil, 8x10

“Monticello”, Oil, 8×10

"Southern Breeze", Oil, 11x14

“Southern Breeze”, Oil, 11×14

"Beach Day", Oil, 16x26

“Beach Day”, Oil, 16×26

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