Maribeth Jagger

My glass designs are uniquely handcrafted with layers of art glass in a vibrant array of colors. Each piece is cut and constructed by hand and kiln-fired multiple times. They are cold-worked and fire polished. My products include home decor, housewares, wall/desk clocks, jewelry, and accessories. My passion for glasswork stems from a love of color and the way glass can transmit and reflect light


LAST Art Gallery
105 W. Louisiana St
McKinney, TX 75069

PHONE: 972-837-8951
INSTAGRAM: mjagger888
FACEBOOK: Maribeth Jagger, Artist


Maribeth Jagger
"Garden of Hollyhocks" Oil,24 x 36"

“Garden of Hollyhocks” Oil,24 x 36″

"Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets", Oil, 14 x 14"

“Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets”, Oil, 14 x 14″

"Taos Hollyhocks", Oil 8 x 10"

“Taos Hollyhocks”, Oil 8 x 10″

"Hill Country Sunset", Oil, 11 x 14"

“Hill Country Sunset”, Oil, 11 x 14″

"Storm Coming", Oil, 12 x 12"

“Storm Coming”, Oil, 12 x 12″

"Ready to Hatch", Oil, 12 x 12"

“Ready to Hatch”, Oil, 12 x 12″

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