Tom Lohr
Wood Carver

Hand turned wood objects that may be decorated with any combination of dye, stain, pyrography or carving and finished either with or a mixture of oil, urethane, or lacquer.


Tom Lohr
1501 E Hickory Hill Road
Argyle, TX 76226

PHONE: 214.734.5614


Tom Lohr
Offset Turning, 13' Dia. x 2" thick

Offset Turning, 13′ Dia. x 2″ thick

Red Lidded Bowel w/ Charred Bottom

Red Lidded Bowel w/ Charred Bottom

Square Lidded Bowl, 5" sq.

Square Lidded Bowl, 5″ sq.

Offset Circles, 7"w x 5"h

Offset Circles, 7″w x 5″h

Maple Bowl w/ Decorated Rim

Maple Bowl w/ Decorated Rim.

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