Wayne Batchelder

Wayne Batchelder


My pottery combines clay with discarded tree branches that I discover during my solo walks in the woods. The clay in my pottery is newly formed, but the branches, with their unique shapes and textures, echo their once vibrant life. I find the creative process of joining these two natural elements to be deeply fulfilling and spiritual. I discover new aspects of myself as I work … what I value, what inspires me, what I wish to add to the world. I combine the wood and clay to invite us into a closer connection with nature and with each other.”



521 N. Kentucky St.
McKinney Texas

PHONE: 214.850.2470
EMAIL:  cwbatch@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://waynebatchelder.com
INSTAGRAM: @cwbatch
FACEBOOK: batchelder1

Artist’s Work

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