If you are a Creative living in the McKinney Area and are interested in participating in our multi-artist Studio Tour held the 2nd weekend in November – we want to know you! The McKinney Art Studio Tour Artists are active year-round, participating in local events and Artist-Only gatherings, as well as planning for and executing the Studio Tour.

MAST is Changing!

McKinney Artists have hosted the McKinney Art Studio Tour since 2009. This year we’ve decided as a group to foster community among our artists year round! The Tour will still be the highlight of our year, but look for additional opportunities such as:

  • An updated website with content that is relevant year round.
  • Social Gatherings that bring MAST artists together.
  • Organized dates for visiting MAST Artist Studios.
  • Collaboration with the McKinney Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to create a printed brochure that would live year-round in hotels and other public places around McKinney. This brochure would include all artist contact information and a map of local studios.

MAST 2019 runs from March 1, 2019, to April 1, 2020.

MAST Participation Levels

All New members to MAST must be juried in and pay a $15 jury fee. Once accepted, there is no further jury process.

As a member of MAST, you can choose on a yearly basis, whether to work on a committee or pay a higher fee and choose not to do so.

Enrollment & Annual Fees

  • New Online Enrollment form and PayPal link to pay MAST fees.
  • New Member Enrollment: $15 (requires a jury of at least 3 images of your work).
  • 2018 MAST participants are current members and pay no enrollment fee.
  • Yearly fee with Committee Participation: $50/year
  • Yearly fee with No Committee Participation: $100/year
  • Enrollment deadline is April 1, 2019, for inclusion in the year-round brochure.

Items you’ll need to collect before beginning your online application

We’ve included links to TWO video tutorials on simple ways you can resize your photos on either a MAC or Windows operating system: PC or MAC

  • IMAGES: A minimum of 3 or a maximum of 6 jpg images of your work with the title, medium, and size. There is a 2mb limit for each of the images you upload. We understand that not all artists regularly use software to optimize their images, but if you do, try to resize them to be 1000px long on the shortest side. We will work to insure your artwork is displayed in a very professional manner 🙂
  • TEXT: Simple Text Versions of Artist Statement, Resume, Website and Social Media account information. (Optional but helpful!)
  • MAST Studio: Some MAST participants choose to be part of local Studios for the MAST event, usually to be closer to the concentration of Cultural District studios and teaching centers near the Square.
  • PERSONAL Studio: Provide your personal studio address (not to be published, unless you want it to be) so you can be available to other artists on the tour and participate in artist community activities. Some artists work out of their home studio, and use that address when participating in MAST.

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